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You are viewing the weighing news Universal Load Measurement for Elevators by X-SENSORS AG at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

Universal Load Measurement for Elevators by X-SENSORS AG

X-SENSORS AG (Switzerland) – Need to monitor load and tension on individual elevator ropes? The new XCL-171 offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.

Your advantages:

  • Time saving due to simple and universal installation directly in the rope suspension system
  • Monitoring of rope tension during operation for accurate maintenance
  • Adjustment of uniform rope tension during installation or pre-commissioning
  • Unit sensitive, i.e. can be used without calibration weights
  • For rope suspension with M10 / M12 / M16 and M20 threaded rods
  • Available with CANopen Lift Interface

Load measurement:

Measurement of tension and load for all ropes in elevators. XCL-171 allows control over the load on each rope, preventing one-sided loading. The installation of the load sensor is simple and takes place directly in the rope suspension.

Cost efficient:

With the new design and manufacturing process of the XCL-171, the load force sensor provides a cost effective load measurement for elevators. Its excellent price-performance ratio allows it to be mounted on every rope of the elevator.


The monitoring of rope tensions during operation enables targeted maintenance and thus saves time and resources. This enables the uncomplicated setting of a uniform rope load during installation and pre-commissioning.

Universal sensitive:

The XCL-171 load sensor is universal sensitive, which means you can use it directly without calibration weights.

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